:These are my characters and their bios:



Introducing the time traveling, rapping alien who is the oldest persona in Bermeo’s universe. Dorian has evolved along with the artist over the years making him the most personal alter ego to his creator. You can not know Adrian Bermeo without knowing Dorian, and visa-versa.



Morocco “overseas“


This charming guy grew up in New Orleans and goes mainly by his nickname, “Overseas Marquis”. This causes many to speculate his real place of origin until they learn his 1st name. Morocco is a jazzy gentleman who knows all the key players on the flip side. His favorite song is “The Bottle“ by Gil Scott-Heron



Cheifin’ it rick:

Another alien in the same solar system as Dorian, Cheifin It Rick is a chain smoking beast of a creature who taught Native Americans how to roll a spliff around 5000 BC. Rick’s language consists of beat-boxing which was misinterpreted by the b-boys and b-girls.




An anthropomorphic boombox from the 1980’s who break dances to his own music blasting out from his eyes. Basehead is a funk soul brother if you had to guess.



Pico Del Barrio:

Traveling through music, Pico has learned and mastered all forms of Latino genres around the world. His motive is to bring awareness to the wickedness of mankind. But more importantly, being half Cuban and half Puerto Rican makes him a Cuba-Rican.



Skelly With the bluetooth:



Roach Rochamo

The smallest yet wisest of the bunch, Rochamo is a loud mouth, no nonsense, boxing cockroach who knows how to read a room to an almost autistic sense of detail.